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Bakit nakikipaghiwalay ang isang lalaki:


  1. Nagsawa na
  2. Niloko siya
  3. Nakahanap ng iba
  4. Iniisip niya yun ang mas makakabuti sa inyo
  5. Hindi niya na kayang makita kang nasasaktan dahil sakanya

Bakit naman sila bumabalik?

Kasi naisip nilang mali ang desisyon nila. Naisip nilang nagkamali sila nung pinakawalan ka nila.



Through my new friends at tumblr headquarters I’ve recently come in contact with a very talented young photographer named Jamie. She and her fiance create these beautiful images that are more than a photo, but not quite a video.

NOTE *Of course the technology to create GIFs has been around for decades but I believe its potential for both expression and impact within the fashion world has yet to be fully explored. Let me put it this way - film has been around for a century, does that mean that we’ve exhausted the possibilities? I for one am super excited to see how Jamie and others use multimedia within fashion in years to come.

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